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Signed the Pledge? Shaped the Strategy?

Now Participate!

Once you have signed the pledge and contributed your views on shaping the national strategy, there are still many important ways to participate and support the National Movement for America's Children.

Organize Your Community

You can organize your local community to support the National Movement for America's Children and help prioritize the healthy development of all children. You can build the Movement by helping make this a national priority by organizing a group of advocates in your community to drive key Movement activities such as:

  1. Very simply: get pledge sign-ups and capture as much as you can in photos and video of people in your community answering The One Question: How can we ensure every child has an equal opportunity for healthy growth and development?"
  2. Capture video answers to help shape the strategy, printed pledge forms or use a laptop for pledge sign-ups at a community festival or other local event and send us your videos!
  3. Send emails to supporters and partners, including a link to the Movement website (, calling for them to join the Movement -- sign the pledge, shape the strategy.
  4. Host a Children’s Town Hall session, perhaps co-sponsored by local elected officials, agencies, faith-based organizations or businesses, to gather the views of citizens and recruite more people to sign the pledge and shape the strategy.
  5. Host a house party or playgroup to share the message of the Movement, debate and discuss The One Question and how to shape the strategy, collect sign-ups to the pledge and help raise donations to help grow the Movement.
  6. Plant a pinwheel garden in your community, with each pinwheel symbolizing a child in your community who will be positively impacted by the Movement for America’s Children.
  7. Organize volunteers to canvass door-to-door and/or recruit people on the street through printed pledge forms for people to sign the pledge and provide their email so we can follow up to bring them into the Movement.
  8. Partner with an organization such as a Boys and Girls Club, YMCA or a local community center to host an open public session to collect pledge sign-ups and help shaping a national strategy.
  9. Advocate for the Movement website through your blog, emails and social media pages like Facebook and Twitter with banners and ads.
  10. Approach your local TV station, public radio station or public access TV station about holding a broadcast Children’s Town Hall Meeting.
  11. Respond to local media stories about abuse and neglect, or other child wellness issues, with letters-to-the-editor and other messages that promote the Movement and the need for a national strategy.
  12. Promote all of your efforts through local media, seeking to drive more people to sign pledges and participate in the discussions on

Advocate and Donate

You can also advocate on-line and with your elected officials, and you can donate to support the Movement for America's Children!

There is no shortage of ways to support the Movement for America's Children -- it's about prioritizing our children, engaging the entire country and developing a national strategy that will offer all children an equal opportunity for healthy growth and development.